Monday, 11 May 2009


My name is Jo and this is my blog. I have called it SLIMMING WORLD GREEN RECIPES as i am just starting out on the diet and will mostly follow the green days. It is basically my diary - this blog is more a help for me so i can keep track of things and how i'm feeling but if anyone comes accross it please dont forget to leave a comment or even just say hello - i dont bite...only chocolate ;)

I will post meals i have eaten and enjoyed, diet/exercise info, if any weight loss etc here. To begin slimming world I have bought the 2009 starter pack (with new extra easy booklet) and the food directory, low syns + free branded directory books (all 2009 books)from ebay which cost me about £45 all together, eek! i have also very generously been lent an old slimming world starter pack and a few other recipe books from my mother-in-law to be :) so i have quite alot to begin with. I dont have the confidence to attend a slimming world class.


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